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Customized 4pin male female magnetic cable connector for wearable device
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Customized 4pin male female magnetic cable connector for wearable device

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Customized 4pin female magnetic cable connector and male magmetic connector

 4pin magnetic cable connector spec

4pin female magnetic connector spec

4pin male magnetic cable pogo pin connector parameter

Advantages of Magnetic Connector:

●Humanize design of automatic adsorption connection experience;

●Humanized anti-fall: it is easy to remove from the charging interface, and it is not easy to remove the device;

●Life time: up to 100,000-200,000cycle;

●Waterproof design: the female end of the device can be dustproof and waterproof (IPX8);

●Fast charging time: 5A-10A magnet connector design withstands large current transmission;

●The appearance of the magnetic connector can be matched according to the design of the customer's  application device;

●Product anti-short circuit structure design and foolproof;

●Realize high frequency signal transmission,can replace the traditional USB2.0 HDMI 1.3 function Video&Audio signal transmission

DC 1Pin Magnetic Connector Application:

Why do customers choose UNION?

1. Professional customization service

Different products and solutions can be designed according to different customer needs


2. Fast sample production capability

Standard product 2-3 days sample, new custom sample 7 working days, mold opening product 12 days


3. Strict quality control system

The concept of quality first runs through the entire production and inspection process, and strictly controls each process to ensure the quality of customer satisfaction.


4. Processing with imported components

A small number of needle shafts are machined from imported precision lathes,
and most of the needle shafts are made of imported cold stamping for higher stability.


5. High-precision test equipment

Provide accurate and precise testing to continuously improve product quality


6. Reasonable cost control procedures

Save costs, eliminate waste, optimize processes, and highlight cost competitiveness


7. Product environmental standards

The product meets the EU ROHS standard and meets halogen

Any question, please send to union@upetech.net


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