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What is the shape of the pogo pin 

charging pin?

Today, I will briefly introduce the outline structure of the pogo pin charging pin connector.
SMT type: Good stability, the bottom of the barrel is flat design, easy to weld with PCB board;
Through-hole type: There is a positioning pin at the tail of the barrel. When ......
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Pogo pin connector marketing analysis
As a connector for the basic electronic components that are indispensable in various digital electronic products, it acts as a communication and bridge in the circuit, and ensures the complete function of the device through fast, stable, low-loss, high-fidelity transmission of electrical signals. Play normally. In recent years, thanks to the continuous development of downstream data communications, computers ......
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How to choose the connector that 

suits for you

The operation of a connector affects the function of the entire device, and a suitable electrical connector can achieve a multiplier effect. So how do you choose a suitable electrical connector? We can consider the following related aspects......
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Analysis of the problem of gold-plated 

anomaly of POGOPIN connector

The plunger and barrel of the POGO PIN connector are generally made of brass C3604, and brass is a very active metal. When exposed to air, it reacts with oxygen in the air and the surface oxidizes. Therefore, spring pin connector must be surface-plated......
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How is the pogo pin connector applied 

to smart wear?

In recent years, a large number of smart bracelets have appeared on the market, and one of the components of these smart bracelets is a pogo pin connector, also known as a pogopin connector. The connector has three main components, namely a spring......
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