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How is the pogo pin connector applied to smart wear?
Source: | Author:jack0201001 | Publish time: 2019-04-01 | 258 Views | Share:
In recent years, a large number of smart bracelets have appeared on the market, and one of the components of these smart bracelets is a pogo pin connector, also known as a pogopin connector. The connector has three main components, namely a spring, plunger and barrel, needless to say, these three parts are indispensable. For smart bracelets, the internal connectors also play a big role, and people are most concerned about how the pogopin connector is applied to smart wear.

Behind the charger of the smart wear, we can see 4 contacts, which is the POGOPIN USB charger that provides continuous power to the bracelet. And when trying to charge, even if there is no alignment contact, a slight movement will make the bracelet and the charger completely match.

At the same time, there is a pin hole button under the contact of the smart products as the reset point and power button of the bracelet. The smart wear has a waterproof function, which means that there is no water ingress under the faucet, so it is undoubted that the waterproof function of the POGOPIN connector of the smart bracelet is naturally a lever. The POGOPIN connector is also used in many other electronic products, and it can also be used as a magnetic charger to provide charging for the device. In addition, for more details, you can consult the professional manufacturer for UPE.

In summary, the pogopin connector plays a role as a POGO PIN USB charger in the smart bracelet. It is because of its existence that the smart bracelet has a constant power supply, and then works normally, as a smart bracelet. Users bring greater convenience